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Dim tights free fingers style D00B7

Dim teint de soliel  tights free fingers style D00B7. Available in 2 colors.

9.95 €

can be shipped within 1-2 days

New Pack 2 boxer Dim D6572


Pack 2 boxers Dim style D6572. Pack available in diferent colors.



19.90 €

Dim Volum Fit bra style 4F52

Special Price !!! New intelligent bra Volum Fit of Dim style 4F52 . Available in cup B and C.


19.95 €
Old price 30.00 €
You save 10.05 €

Invisible DIM bra style 04B63

Bra DIM FIT , adapts to the body perfectly.


26.95 €

Pack 2 boxer Dim Style 6572

Pack 2 boxer Dim Urban style 6572. Available in pink and navy color or orange and grey.


19.95 €

Tights Teint de soleil DIM Style 1184

Teint de Soliel of Dim style 1184. Elegant tights of the brand Dim that enharces your legs.


7.95 €

Dim reducer bra Style 3792

Reducer bra of the brand DIM style 3792. Elegant bra of perfect sujection that helps to reduce your chest.


26.95 €

Pack 4 pair Knee-highs Dim Style 2092

Pack 4 pairs Knee-highs Dim style 2092. Available in black color .With no press band.


6.45 €

4 pair ankle socks Dim Style 2093

Pack 4 pair ankle socks Dim style 2093. Availables in diferent colors.


6.45 €

Moulding tights Dim Style 1776

Moulding tights Dim style 1776. Mould your siluet with the dim tights. Available in diferent colors.


11.95 €

Tights Semi-Opaque Dim Style 1142

Semi opaque Dim tights style 1142. Natural look.


7.95 €

Opaque tights Dim Style 1252

Opaque Dim tights style 1252. Tights available in black and brown color. Ideal for the winter.


9.95 €

Thights flat tummy Dim Style 1475

Tights Dim style 1475. Special shinny in your legs , perfect siluet.


7.95 €

Stay-ups Dim Style 0929

Comfortable and Elegant stay-ups of the brand Dim. With silicone band for a perfect sujection to your leg.


9.95 €

Shiny tights Dim Style 1185

Shiny tights if the brand Dim style 1185. Elegant end resistent tights for only 4,95€ !!!!


4.95 €

Invisible bra Dim Fit Style 04B11

Invisible bra Dim Fit  with push-upStyle 04B11.


26.95 €

Bra Generous Invisible Dim Style 4D62

Generous invisible bra of DIM. Ideal for big sizes. Cup C. High sujection and confort. Reducer bra.

32.95 €

Pack 2 boxer Dim 6663

Pack 2 boxer Dim Lines style 6663. Available in blue and grey - red and black  or orange and navy.


19.95 €

Pack 2 boxer Dim 6661

Pack 2 boxer Dim trademark style 6661. Tha pack includes a striped boxer and other all in one color.


19.95 €